Food = Energy

Food = Energy

Friday, January 31, 2014

What I would GIVE!!!

Wouldn't it be awesome to be paid to travel? Of course it would!

Now, wouldn't it be even more awesome if you got paid/compensated/financially supported in some way to travel And run while journeying around the world?

I know my answer. This is why I am wholly and shamelessly jealous of Becky Wade. (I featured Galen Rupp in my post yesterday. It's Becky's turn!)

I first heard of Becky Wade when most people probably first heard of Becky Wade: after she won the California International Marathon back in December. Why does she stand out from the tons of other marathon winners throughout the year? How about because she is only 24. And this was her first marathon. That's right...this was Wade's debut marathon and she crushed the 26.2 miles with a blistering 2:30:41--that's roughly 5:45 per mile! Insane in the fast lane!

So, that was back in December. Now, as we close out the month of January, Wade has just signed a sponsorship contract with running company ASICS. Among her "bold personality" and "winning spirit," Wade's "natural curiosity" was cited for why she is such a great fit to join ASICS. What is this natural curiosity that interests the likes of ASICS? I guess you'll just have to read this (short) article from Runner's World to see just what journeys Becky Wade has had the immense fortune to experience:

Runner Jenny Simpson has also had some recent travel experiences that are due to her running prowess. The 2013 World Championships 1500 meter runner-up (4:02.99) has just run what sounds like an awe-inspiring race in Italy: the Cinque Mulini or "Five Mills".

Check out why she ran this awesome race and what she thought about it:

Before I finish my post for tonight, I need to extend a very special "Happy Birthday" to my wonderful mother:

Mom, I've heard countless times that your pregnancy with me caused you numerous sicknesses, allergies, and all other sorts and sources of stress to your body. And although I probably don't cause you sicknesses and allergies, I'm sure I can still be a great deal of stress for you! You have sacrificed so much for Alicia and I and I just want to thank you for everything you have ever done, continue to do, and will always do for me and Ali. This includes raising me to never give up, have big dreams, run like crazy, and never not have a book with me.

I love you, Mom.

"I keep you warm, you keep me warm."

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