Food = Energy

Food = Energy

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Winter wonderland

Now, this is a winter! Rutgers has a longstanding reputation for not cancelling school for any weather-related reasons. This reputation has certainly dwindled over the past few years, but this semester alone is enough to have made a dent in the university's reputation: since the beginning of the "Spring" semester, Rutgers has already closed the campus twice and has called for a delayed start for tomorrow.

This is one of the few snacks we enjoyed while spending out snow day at Hidden Grounds in New Brunswick. Hidden Grounds is a new underground cafe-style spot great for reading, catching up with a friend, and getting h/w done. This picture is of a Bombay sandwich of which its key ingredients are Indian cheese and mint chutney spread; Val and I got avocado instead of the cheese--so good! 

I keep saying to Val how much I'm tired of the snow, mainly because I'm tired of running in the snow. Truth be told, though, I actually have been loving running in the snow. Today I had a sudden euphoric sense while on a 4 mile run this morning. I thought it was going to be a drag having to deal with slushy roads, ice patches, and constant slipping, but it was actually an awesome experience. I could literally feel my leg muscles tightening, being used to ground my body and prevent a fall--quite an unusual, but sensational feeling. The snow-packed sidewalks were also a nice change of terrain from the roads and sidewalks that surround my current dwelling. As I was running, I recalled Anton Krupicka running up mountains and imagined I was doing the same. It is for this reason (and the impending bad weather for tomorrow) that I decided to run another 2 miles tonight and these miles were no different; except, I got to wear my headlamp again!

A bit out of context and delayed, but I thought I'd share this picture. It is of my parents' (read: dad's) kitten, Toby, watching the first quarter of the big game on Sunday. Five minutes later he was asleep like the rest of us. Kidding...but really.

That's all for tonight! Check out some of the links below for interesting running news articles that I have come across over the past couple days.

A new indoor/outdoor world record was set in the women's 1500 meter. The girl is one of three women in her family that are standouts in the running scene. Check out the article to see if you recognize the name and what her time was.

Ever hear of the 1% incline on a treadmill to mimic outdoor running? Apparently it's not that simple. Check out the article to see what I mean.

Want to be the first person to run across Canada entirely self-supported?! Too late. Feat accomplished. And yes, he was wearing a Flash costume...

I want to be like him when I'm his age: still going at it and staying strong while doing it. What in the world am I talking about? Find out:

That's all! Hope everyone stays safe tomorrow.

Happy Running!

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