Food = Energy

Food = Energy

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Great start to a weekend!

I happily snoozed my alarm a good 3 times before actually rising out of bed this morning. When I am home in Hamilton, I like waking up early to spend some precious 20 or 30 minutes of quiet time with my mom while we enjoy some coffee, and chit-chat about the news stories in the paper. In New Brunswick today, though, there was nothing really to wake up to. I was not running the 50 mile trail run today nor was I going on a run of my own so I decided another 30 minutes was called for!

Val woke up shortly after me and while we were watching a short 2013 Tarawera Ultramarathon documentary on Youtube ( with coffee in my hand, I knew today called for our once-in-a-while breakfast treat: pancakes! Of course, Val agreed to this and I immediately begin to whip up some gluten-free pancakes. I was going to use a non gluten-free buckwheat pancake mix, but found the GF mix tucked away!

Displaying photo.JPG Here I am hard at work. Photo courtesy of the amazing, Valentina Gordon. See some of her other work here:

Displaying photo.JPGSome of the ingredients: bananas (replacing the eggs), cinnamon, organic gluten free mix, almnod milk, chocolate chips. Ingredients not pictured: nutmeg, brown rice syrup, flax seeds, chia seeds. Toppings for use: raisins, banana slices, maple brown syrup. Summation: DELICIOUSNESS!!

Displaying photo.JPGAlso decided to whip up a tofu scramble with spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, and red bell pepper all diced up. All we had was extra firm tofu which did the job, but for true scrambled tofu, opt for silken or firm (as opposed to extra firm) tofu.

Not a bad way to start off the weekend! Now, Val is out running a 4-5 mile run before going ice skating and I am about to head to work after I publish this post. At least one of us is using up the carbs appropriately!

Happy Running! Have a great weekend!

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