Food = Energy

Food = Energy

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Back in session!

So the title of this blog post can be applied to many areas taking place in my life right now...

For one, school is definitely back in session. Due to the snow, I only had one class yesterday and did it feel good! I don't know what it is about school, but I absolutely love it. I love reading books, writing papers, cramming with endless coffees, going to bed exhausted and waking up the same way; it's so thrilling for me. It comes to no real surprise that I want to be a teacher although I have to admit that I don't see myself in the classroom for the rest of my life. Every now and then I even visit websites of other universities to check out their education doctorate programs which I intend to pursue at some point in the future. Put simply: school is cool. If you don't think so, then I apologize for the teacher(s) who failed you along the way.

"Back in session" can also be applied to how my running is coming along! I took an off day yesterday due to the snow so I did a workout in the apartment instead. I was able to get started on this week's challenge courtesy of Val: 500 scissor lunges with a kind of oblique component thrown in the mix. 500 means we have to do around 71-72 a day and because I didn't do any on Monday, I got in 80 yesterday. I gave Val a humorously hard time about choosing this work out and for good reason!! My glutes are on fire today! I don't know how I got in 6 miles today with each step feeling like a shockwave was hitting my body's largest muscle. But I guess that's how I know this challenge is worth pain, no gain right? Guess I'll just have to pay Val back next week..any ideas??

Displaying photo.JPG About to head out and brave the 10 degree cold! Definitely felt it, but the jacket kept me warm after the first mile!

That's all for today. Class cancelled for tonight so going to get some work done and get some groceries to keep our bellies full and happy!  

Happy Running!

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