Food = Energy

Food = Energy

Friday, January 24, 2014

No-name, no fleas and new gear please??

TGIF!! I haven't had the busiest of weeks, but the week has definitely caught up to me. I was up at 6 this morning, but not for a run. Unfortunate, I know. I got to be a teacher of Life Science today, aka I subbed for a science teacher at the middle school of Val's hometown. So weird to think that my girlfriend was once one of the kids I see racing through the hallways or asking for bathroom passes non-stop (talk about taking advantage of a substitute teacher!).

Speaking of Val, I received a phone call from her on my way back to New Brunswick from subbing yesterday. She was calling to ask me to pick her up. She hadn't intended on returning to the apartment after class so I asked her why her plan changed...turns out, she found a kitten. In the snow. In 15 degree temperature. Not good.

Most of you probably don't know Val, but this girl has got the biggest heart in the entire world. Ask her for a recipe, she'll not only give it to you, she'll bake/cook you samples to go with it! When she's using my car to get to and from work at the restaurant, she'll often give the head cook a ride home instead of immediately returning to our nice, warm (or cool depending on the season) apartment.  Ask her for a helping hand for anything and she'd probably saw it off right there in front of you. Okay....too much? You get the idea.

Well, she took great care of this cat, immediately buying her food, litter, and a litter box?--See below for explanation of the "?". And today, instead of taking her to a shelter, she managed to round up 3 people who wanted to bring this beautiful kitten home. Way to go, Val! Needless to say, the three individuals were invited over to compete battle royale style....kidding. But the kitten did leave us today with a girl who we are sure will give No-name a wonderful home. See pics of No-name below! (Oh, btw, I didn't actually call her "No-name"!)

Displaying photo.JPG

I guess this counts. Don't worry, Val won't be bringing anybody baked goods or fresh samples in this tray!!

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Dah-dah-dah-dahhh!!!! Here she is!!

Displaying photo.JPG
Let's just hope this kitten was lacking more than just a name...Check for fleas, Val!

So onto some running stuff....

Outdoor Retailer is having their annual winter show in Salt Lake City, Utah right now. Tomorrow is the last day. Anybody want to send me a ticket and then fly me over to Utah's capital city?? No takers? Gahh!! Well, even though I'm not there for some of the top athletic companies for endurance sports' releases, a guy can hope right? Among many, many, many. new items showcased at the event, these two are definitely on my list of items for next winter season.

Nathan has showcased a new beanie with lighting built in. Power button on the back. Apparently it and other models are already for sale, but I should probably just use the two head items I already have? Temptingggg......

Yes please.

And lastly, I just have to discuss my lunch habit that has yet to be changed. Since the first day of student teaching back in September, I have eaten a Clif Bar for lunch everyday I was at the school and everyday I have subbed since completing the teaching internship. I don't eat a Clif Bar when I'm home or at the apartment in New Brunswick, but when I'm away from fresh food, it's my go-to food choice. A few years ago when I was introduced to Clif bars, Oatmeal Raisin Walnut was my flavor of choice. Having since evolved my taste buds, I definitely love the flavors that have a bit (or a lot) of chocolate in them. Hence my decision to talk about them with you today after having my favorite flavor with lunch today while subbing: the Sierra Trail Mix  bar. Perfect blend of peanuts, chocolate, raisins, and their other fine ingredients make this bar my preferred food to keep me full longer and fuel my day and my daily runs after school.

Displaying photo.JPG
Here it is with scores of Spice Pumpkin Pie (another awesome seasonal flavor) wrappers in scattered in the background. If you haven't tried one yet, or haven't had any Clif Bar for that matter, I truly encourage you to swap one for your preferred granola bar or energy bar. With so many flavors, they're great as a breakfast with some coffee or tea or just as a hearty snack on days where you will or have just maxed out on energy!

That's all for tonight!

Happy Running!

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