Food = Energy

Food = Energy

Friday, January 17, 2014

That's just bananas!

Crisis! Crisis! Alert! Alert! Something awful is happening in Devon, England...

They are taking away bananas......from monkeys.

The "they" are the zoo officials at the Paignton Zoo and the "monkeys" are, well....probably pretty upset. I mean, taking away bananas from a monkey is like taking away blankie from a toddler

 (Is it creepy that I'm using some random toddler picture from Google Images? Sorry parents!!)

or nuts from a squirrel.

It's just not right.

Or is it?

The officials assert that bananas are too high in sugar and calories to still be considered healthy for monkey consumption. So what are they giving them instead? That's right...leafy greens and sprouts. Bleh! Dumb veggies! Although I am kidding about the veggies, I can't imagine removing bananas from my diet! I eat at least one a day and while I was training for the ultramarathon back in October I was up to about 2-3 a day.

If I was a monkey in Paignton Zoo I'd probably hide a stash of the yellow nom-noms and then if the zookeepers caught me and tried taking them away, well...just see for yourself:

  This is me, cornered at the top of a tree branch trying to out-run the zookeepers.

While bananas certainly are high in sugar and are quite calorie-dense, they are an incredible source of potassium, fiber, and magnesium (among other nutrients). But the zoo officials do have the monkeys' health at heart saying that they are worried about the monkeys developing diabetes, suffering gastrointestinal (GI) issues, and other undesired effects.

Check out the interesting article here:

In other news, Galen Rupp shattered the U.S. Indoor 5k record by almost 6 seconds as he ran a 13:01:26 last night at Boston University. I tried to find live coverage of the event to see Rupp and Mary Cain race, but that would have cost me at least $12.50 for a Flotrack membership and, well, what if nature called right before the race? $12.50 down the drain...along with nature!

Check out the Runner's World article below for more info:

That's all for today....

Happy Running!

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