Food = Energy

Food = Energy

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Running Healthy & Weight-loss Fraud

I was shocked and thrilled to turn on CNN yesterday and hear the news that was being discussed: weight-loss companies were being charged with false-advertising of their weight-loss products. Companies Sensa, LeanSpa, L'Occitane, and HCG Diet Direct have been charged by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for lying to their customers and willingly misleading them into purchasing their product that lacked any sound scientific backing. I mean come on...sprinkle some product onto your food and without exercise or change in your diet you will lost x number of pounds in x time..Get real. It's unfortunate for the customers who were duped by these malicious companies, but this isn't the real issue that this story unveils.

Sensa alone brought in $64 million in profit from 2008-2012. That's one company! I am upset that as a developed society that is seemingly speeding into the future at rapid rates, is taking such giant leaps back when it comes to how we treat our bodies. Not only is obesity on the rise despite the awareness campaigns and the increase of media attention, but people are supporting companies such as these four and hoping the dollar and product can make them healthier when in reality, it doesn't work that way. Your habits and actions make you healthy or unhealthy. It takes effort and determination to shed the pounds for good or lower the cholesterol and blood pressure; diet pills just won't cut it and I'm so happy the FTC and, subsequently, the media have done something about these companies' wrongful acts.

Read about the story here:

Whew! So glad to get that off my chest! Now, onto some other healthy and happier developments:

And lastly, I just wanted to talk about the importance of reading up on whatever kind of healthy activities or habits that are part of your lifestyle. For Val and I, it's all about a plant-based, vegan diet (both of us), triathlon news and updates (Val), and endurance and trail running (me). I check these websites everyday to read interesting stories, maintain motivation, learn about new studies and techniques and check out new gear. I think the same can be said for anything that one partakes in on a regular basis. I would argue that I read the news everyday and watch CNN and visit BBC's news site is because I strive to be an engaged and knowledgeable citizen. It's the same for why Val and I choose to stay current on news and updates about running and triathlon as well as healthy eating. Below you'll find a list of news sites, blogs, and magazines that Val and I read on a pretty regular basis.

What news sites do you visit frequently? What blogs do you find interesting or funny and check in on every so often?

Quick development: I ran about 1.3 miles today! I'm warming up to gett back out there soon!

Happy Running and, fittingly, Happy Reading!

News Sites
Triathlete (Val)
Beginner Triathlete (Val)
Runner's World (Me)
Running Times (Me)
Ultra Running (Me)
VegNews (Both)

No Meat Athlete (Val)
Vegan Triathlete (Val)
The Athletarian (Me)
Run Vegan (Me)

Runner's World (Both)
Vegan Health & Fitness (Both)
Triathlete (Val)
Running Times (Me)
Marathon & Beyond (Me)

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