Food = Energy

Food = Energy

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Tiny House!

Got in 3 miles today after subbing and at about 8 minutes per mile, I was definitely feeling good. The 38 degrees temperature wasn't chilly at all (maybe my excitement was enough to keep me warm?) so I ran in shorts and a jacket. If I got stares I wouldn't be able to tell if it was because I was running in shorts or because I was running so awkwardly in said shorts so as not to irritate...errr....down under.

Finally, finallyyyyy, my TV shows have returned from their winter break. I just caught up on Marvel's Agents of Shield and Blacklist and Val and I watched New Girl last night. Scandal and Grey's Anatomy--that's right!--are back in February and I can't wait. This, coupled with running, is definitely putting me in a great mood these past couple days. Also helps that I'm finally replenishing my bank account after the past 4 months of student teaching. I've been subbing like a madman these past two weeks!

Don't fret...these TV shows and increased hours of work will not turn me into a zombie (#zombiesrun??). I won't let it happen! To ensure that I don't turn into one of these....
....I have been keeping up with my reading. I just finished The Yellow Birds by Kevin Powers and have been keeping up with my favorite news sites and blogs. And due to my (sarcasm alert) exploding bank account, I am contemplating binge shopping on Amazon for some great reads I've been putting off. One day I will support the local book shops like I desire to in my heart, but I am not of means to do this just yet. 

Speaking of reading: 

On Facebook earlier, Dean Karnazes posted a New York Times blog article about a recent study on the health effects of ultramarathon running. The results: the benefits definitely outweigh the minor negatives.

Those minor negatives include higher incidents of breathing problems (endurance athletes are outside so much that they are exposed to allergens such as pollen more frequently) and a greater chance of getting injured. The positives include low incidence of high blood pressure and heart disease among other benefits. Check out the NYT blog ( or read the shorter Runner's World article featuring the study ( Or if you're very courageous and interested, check out the actual study (

Team Clif Bar posted an awesome short blog post about one of their team member's endeavors this season. The project: Tiny House Tour 2014. Read the post by clicking on the link below and then watch the video (

Lastly, today in the 7th grade Language Arts classroom I was subbing in, the word of the day was fluctuate and the "wizard word of the day" was seismograph--please don't ask me about the distinction. So, just for kicks, today's word of the day according to Merriam-Webster is..........gaffer. Primary definitions: an old man or a lighting electrician on a TV set.

Happy Running!

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