Food = Energy

Food = Energy

Friday, January 10, 2014

The truth comes out...

What is up with this weather!?!? I mean seriously...Yesterday, I went out for a mile run in less layers than I needed in a couple weeks and then today, after subbing, I'm trying to jog to my car to get out of the cold, only to hesitate to even touch the steering wheel with my bare hands. And I know I probably sound like a wimp, but you gotta feet and hands get very cold, very easily. 

Given my bad luck with choosing running gloves this winter, I have to admit it that cold hands were definitely on my mind for what would have been tomorrow's race. I resolved to wear an older pair of gloves that are worn pretty thin but surprisingly still work better than the two new pair because they're not as tight (tight gloves cut off circulation to the fingers, making them cold no matter the fabric). Unfortunately, I won't even get a chance to see if my old gloves would have done the trick because I had to back out of tomorrow's Happily Running 50 mile Fatass trail run (Fatass explained here:

I've been alluding to my "injury", but I have not explained why I am sidelined or have taken this break from running. While I was in need of a week or so break anyway, I rather it not have been under these circumstances or for this extended period of time. So, what is my "injury"? Sadly (and embarrassingly) I have been experiencing what is more commonly known as jock itch which is basically athlete's foot, but it occurs around an unfortunate and uncomfortable area of the body. I tried running for about a week even after I knew what it was, but this was a serious mistake! 

Now, for the past 12 days I have only run 2 miles and 1 of those miles was completed yesterday. 

 These two items have become my best friends over the past few weeks. The cream on the right is actually the second tube I've gone through. Yikes!!

But, not running has allowed me to focus on other activities. After a 20 mile run or a throughout a 60 mile week, the last thing I want to do is another weight-lifting workout. Needless to say, muscle mass has definitely taken a hit, but not running has forced me into working out again and it's been great. I'm really going to try and workout at least 3x a week even after I get back into running! Hold me to it! 

I've also been able to get more reading done and work on some projects such as making an old cork-board section of my room back home into a "Bib Wall". Pictures will definitely be posted when it is a bit more finished. I have also been saving all of my Clif bar wrappers (minus my Builder wrappers) for only God know what! Just recently I dug into the inner pocket of my coat and came across three Clif least they didn't end up in the trash though! So I just decided to use these wrappers to "frame" the bibs on my Bib Wall. We'll see how this turns up and, again, I will certainly post these pictures. 

Displaying photo.JPG
This is me at work tonight, with just a handful of Clif wrappers. There are plenty more in the bedroom collecting dust on my desk...

Before I end tonight's post, I would like to request that you visit the URL link below. Clicking on this link will bring you to the website of Running Mates USA, a new program/project that is being officially launched this March. The program seeks to bridge the youth of our country (groups of 4th grade students) with Congressional leaders throughout the country. Those two groups of individuals will be connected by a Young Team Leader (you best believe I am applying for this opportunity!) who will help prepare the students academically (in a classroom) and physically (outdoors!) in order to complete a 5k in June. The academic portion empowers the students to get involved in their communities and truly realize the power of their voice and the voice of their peers despite their young age. Please check out the website and check out Molly's (The founder) letter regarding this idea. 

P.S. Molly is the founder of Girls on the Run, a popular national running organization you may have heard about.   

Happy Running!!


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