Food = Energy

Food = Energy

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I can feel it!!

Ahhhh....I can feel it! It's right there; days away yet only inches from where I stand.

I am hoping to finally resume running after what will be a two and a half week break to recover from my "injury" that I previously confessed was jock itch. Could I have run? Well, the doctors said I could, but trust me when I tell you that it wasn't showing signs of healing by any means during this time. I was forced to miss the Happily Running Fatass 50 mile trail run that took place this past Saturday which was organized by the same people that put on the Tesla Hertz ultramarathon trail race that I ran last October. It wasn't a terrible idea to back out of this one, although I'm sure the memories of the challenge and course would have stuck with me for a Very, long time. Below are a couple of pictures shared by the race director on Facebook:

Snowy/icy hill..I'm sure this is one of several.

Muddy course--It rained pretty much that whole Friday before the race.

But, I know I can't wait to put to use some of these extra calories we've been enjoying. Although, I must say, today's lunch at Black Forrest Acres Natural Foods store in Hamilton, was a delightful and very healthy lunch sans the typical desserts we have been splurging on:  

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Tofu Salad and Stuffed Cabbage with soy protein (would have fooled the most ardent of meat-eaters).

I just can't wait to get out there and run with my new Nike shelter jacket that is still in the bag from the store! 

Until next time,

Happy Running!

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