Food = Energy

Food = Energy

Monday, June 30, 2014

Clif me!

Happy Monday everybody.

The weekend is over and I hope it went just swimmingly for each and every one of you. In terms of running and relaxing, I have to admit that my weekend was just full of all of that.

Quick recap:

Saturday long run - 4 hours and 15 mins; 29 (blissful) miles

After the run, went to Sprig and Vine Saturday for lunch with my parents and Val. This completely vegan restaurant is located in New Hope, PA and is probably my favorite place to eat as of now. The food on their Sunday brunch menu is to die for, but their lunch and dinner do not fail to please by any means. 

The rest of the day was just spent relaxing at home and being lazy. I guess after running 29 miles in the morning I can reward myself with a few sloth-like qualities. 

Sunday back-to-back long run: 3 hours; 19 (not quite as blissful) miles

Rest of the day? HA! You think I was up for anything after all the running ?? Well I actually wasn't in pain or anything, but that's the thing with training (especially during the summer): it saps you of energy or desire to do anything other than to sit around in your niece's pool or lay on the couch watching World Cup. Just me? Doubtful.

Occasionally I come across someone I haven't seen in quite a while and my running is brought up in conversation. I'm frequently asked how much I run a week or if I get tired or what I think about during 4 hours of running.

I run a decent amount each week.

I think about anything and everything. If I kick a rock, I probably think about what it must feel like if I was a rock and was just kicked 15 feet. Sometimes the rear of cars take on face forms in my head and I imagine them smiling, grinning, or otherwise looking at me in a strange way as they speed away. But most of the time I probably could honestly say that I think about food. Val and I are hardcore foodies and I love eating after a very hard workout or long run; I enjoy the food so much more and can appreciate the food as nourishment for my body.

And that's how I avoid getting so tired during a run: eating.

You see, eating isn't just for after workouts and runs. I can't run 3 hours or more without replenishing my body with much-needed calories. During my 6 hour ultra marathon at the end of July I'll probably burn about 3,500 calories. There's no way I can keep going without making up for all that calorie burning and sweating.
Now that I am ultra-training, I am beginning to re-appreciate products such as Clif Shot Gels and Clif Shot Bloks.

The Mocha gel in the picture is by far the best-tasting gel of any brand I've ever tried and goes down so smoothly. These gels may have a weird consistency that takes some getting used to for some people, but I highly recommend them for anybody doing cardio work for longer than an hour at a time. Always wash them down with water.

Clif Bloks? It's like eating gummy snacks that are meant to fuel you for hours on end. A pack of Bloks can fuel me for 90 minutes to 2 hours of running and they do not cause me any kind of GI (gastrointestinal) issues, they taste so goooodd!! So far Strawberry is my favorite, but I'm excited to try this Tropical flavor I came across. Way to go Clif!

But eating is hands-down my second concern when it comes to my running. First on my priority list: hydration. I'll feature that tomorrow.

Before I end today's post, I just need to express my extreme sadness that this is a reality in the world I live in:

I came across this article in my morning newspaper. The doctors and researchers interviewed for this piece discuss the growing numbers of morbidly obese teenagers and the additional ailments that obesity causes such as sleep apnea and high blood pressure. They claim that these ailments and other effects of obesity are why these teenagers and families are seeking these surgeries and why more and more surgeries are being permitted to be done on teens.

We've got a serious issue here, people. If surgeries for teenagers to lose weight becomes the norm, what kind of message are we sending to our youth? What is this really telling our children? Have we stopped teaching our children how to take care of their bodies? Is self-respect only about not calling yourself dumb or not believing in yourself? Does having self-respect not mean respecting our bodies mentally, emotionally, AND physically?

As I type, I'm getting more and more disgusted about what "Obesity surgery for teens" actually means for our society. It is this reality that drive me to want to start a youth running club sometime in the near future. It is or this reality why Val is pursuing a Naturopathic Doctor degree to help people holistically rather than through prescriptions and operations. I hope you are disgusted, too. And if you are, what will you do about it?

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Newly Hired and Re-inspired!!

I'm back!

First off...this:                      Displaying IMG_0268.png

Ok let's just get this out there for all you Jaimee's out there: runners can't run in long shorts! At least, we shouldn't. Short shorts give runners' legs more mobility and quite frankly, the limited fabric just feels so nice! I love me my 3 inch inseam shorts. I even fold the waist down when I'm feeling really good!

As the title hints: I am proud to have accepted my first teaching position for the 2014-2015 school year. The past 5 months have been absolutely crazy in terms of how much time I spent looking for jobs, let alone trying to finish grad school.

Well friends, the deed is done and I could not be more happier with where I have landed: Trenton, NJ. Right in my backyard (I reside in Hamilton, NJ). I might even have an opportunity to coach soccer which was my life-long sport before my current life-long sport took its place...hope that makes sense.

Okay....let's get to this running business.

So I've been waiting for this moment for about 8 months or so and it's finally here. I have registered for my next ultra marathon: Montour 24. It is the Montour Commission's inaugural run of this magnitude and while it's main event is the 24 hour, I have opted to run its much less daunting, little, tiny version of itself: the 6 hour. What I think is still going to come around and bite me in the rear end of my you-know-what is that I and other visiting and loco...I mean local...runners will be running on a 1.5 mile looped course. Yes. 1 and a half miles. For 6 hours. Just going around. And around. And around. And get the idea.

Best part? I paid to do this. But I gotta be honest...I'm kidding myself if I say I'm not absolutely psyched to finally get back into ultra running. Just training alone has gotten me into a much better mood about my fitness; the increased sun exposure helps a lot too.

And living at home has been great for my diet as well. Basically I am fortunate enough to be back with my parents while I save up for a year. As such, my Whole Foods shopping dad has been stocking up on raw nut mixes, fruits, and veggies like he's feeding a family of 4 again. And since my sister is out on her own with her family, I guess I'll just be eating the other plate. No problem here.

That's all for now.

Here's to hoping you all get out and run this summer! If you're in the area, it's going to be a beautiful weekend for some outdoor exercising!

Happy Running!