Food = Energy

Food = Energy

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2 miles!

I did it! ! 2 miles and I've never been happier...okay, this is exaggerated, but you get the idea!

I got back from subbing at the elementary school that Val went to and did a quick workout. This workout included reps of one-legged squats with a 25 pound dumbbell. See, in addition to our new year resolutions, Val and I decided to start a "Weekly Workout Challenge." Each week, a new challenge is written on the white board we brought to the apartment from my home back in Hamilton. We will take turns creating a challenge and they must be achievable by each of us.

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The white board hanging on one of our living room walls.

Val started the first week of the new year with a 500 push-up challenge which was a lot of fun! I incorporated push-ups into every workout I did previously, but never really focused on it like I did last week! The challenge I came up with for this week was 310 one-legged squats while holding at least 10 pounds of weight (dumbbell, textbooks, whatever!). My line-of-thought was that the one-legged squats will greatly help us each in our sport. Val's triathlon performance will increase as a result of her strengthened quads and calves and additionally, for me, my running performance and health will be enhanced as a result of strengthened stability muscles and ankles in addition to the quads and calves.

So after I did my workout for the day, I headed out the door for a 2 mile run and it. was. beautiful! I definitely felt the past 15 days of not running, but I was relishing every second of being out there and being able to run without irritation or pain of any sort...I quickly jumped into the shower afterward to not risk the jock itch flaring up or being further irritated. If how I feel right now is any indication of how I'll feel tomorrow then I will definitely be logging more miles on the roads that I've so fondly missed!

I'm not sure if you read the blog post when I briefly mentioned Running Mates USA (, but I just learned that Molly Barker (founder of this program and Girls On The Run) posted a blog post which included the text of an email I sent them declaring how excited and interested I was in Running Mates USA.  Check it out here:

Before I go, I just want to include two posts I came across today. Enjoy and.....

Happy Running!

Nike waffle shoe prototype
Why did this shoe sell for $1,500?? Find out by clicking on the link:

And I used to think that while strength training is a crucial part of running well and remaining injury free, it is not a real calorie-burner (unless of course you are in the gym for hours and/or building in aerobic activities). This has article definitely shown me!

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