Food = Energy

Food = Energy

Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Apple and the Tree

Everyone has heard that saying: the apple never falls far from the tree. Usually it's said in conversation about a parent and child or perhaps a mentor and mentoree. In this particular usage of the phrase I am referring to me and my mom.

I was back home in Hamilton yesterday due to the second day of the teachers convention in Atlantic City and I definitely needed the R&R. Despite waking up early for another cold, semi-long run, there's something about being home for me that just revitalizes the soul. Every fabric of my body was able to de-stress and just kick back while I enjoyed all the laziness and free food (the best part!) that I wanted. Before my run in the morning I was able to sit down and have a cup of coffee with my mom. I'm not surprised at all where the conversation quickly headed. Back in May, my sister and I registered my mom for the Trenton Double Cross Half Marathon for Mother's Day gift and I knew she has been wanting to chat about the big day.  

First though, let me offer a brief glimpse of our shared running interest. 

My mom and I are quite alike in numerous ways, but I think one of the most grateful things I will always credit her for is instilling in me a love of running. I have been watching my mom head out the door for a run for years and luckily, just like that vegan seed, that passion for running was transferred to me. Just as my own running evolution took place, my mom's track days in high school eventually progressed into running higher mileage. Although she may not be able to run as often as she would like to (like me, I think that's all day every day), she runs whenever she can and most importantly, she runs for herself. Hers is a love of running that was so contagious, it's no wonder I caught the running bug. 

During our coffee time, she was calm and talking about how excited she was about the half. Most of our talk was about the 5 year old boy that would be among the racers in the morning! (
As she had to get ready for work and I was set to go on my run, we said our "See you later's" and parted ways. Admittedly, I didn't remember that she had a half marathon in the morning until she arrived back home from work at about 6 in the evening...some son! What I noticed though was not surprising at all: the calm, cool, and collected mom from the morning was now a bundle of nerves. It's funny how those nerves work. It's like the last thing you want to do is remember you have this big event happening the next day and what's the mind's way of allowing you to forget and relax? It tells you to think and talk about it non-stop!

She wasn't a mess, but I can tell she was anxious. We enjoyed a nice dinner with my dad and Val and afterward she went over into the family room to watch TV and relax a bit. I could imagine the nervous thoughts going through her head! Val and I weren't able to stick around for her race, but I was able to exchange some text messages with her this morning before the race and wish her good luck. 

As I'm writing this I received a message from my mom. She finished her second Trenton Half Marathon in 2 hours and 36 minutes. No walking.

In the words of one of her many messages since she's finished: "Woot woot," Mom. I'm so happy for you and I'm so happy we share a love for one of life's greatest and most simplest pleasures. Most importantly though...I'm happy that this apple didn't far fall from his tree. 


Today's run: 2nd back-to-back long run; 2 hours; 13.1 miles (Note: I run based on time for my long runs,  not distance)

Pre-run fuel: water (Filled up on plenty of carbs while I was home last night)

During-run fuel: energy gel (Unfortunately, the gel packet fell out of my pocket and I found it had been crushed by a car on my way back!)

Post-run fuel: handful of almonds (protein to boost recovery), a banana and natural peanut butter and strawberry jam with cinnamon, raisins and pumpkin seeds mix, half a grapefruit (Feeling ravenous by a 2 hour long run and no fueling throughout meant I needed to tap into my inner will power and avoid ravaging the pantry items and fridge)

Tonight's dinner: Val is making some homemade hot soup! Can't wait to get back to the apartment after work. We've been holding off from turning on the heat so the hot soup is definitely something to look forward to tonight. Thanks, Val!

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