Food = Energy

Food = Energy

Monday, November 25, 2013

3 days until Thanksgiving!!

As far as Mondays go, today was a pretty good one. I didn't have any lessons to plan out as I was continuing a lesson in the school from last week so that was a relief; I was able to enjoy a relaxing Sunday and an even more relaxing Monday at school. I hope tomorrow's quiz on the Byzantine goes well. I know it's a test the students take, but their scores reflect my teaching thus far so I truly am mentally invested (read: nervous) for how well they are going do. There's one thing that is going against me which happens to be the thing I'm most excited for this week: Thanksgiving. That one word translates to "break" for the students--this is the excitement that could distract them from their studies--and "endless amounts of amazing vegan food" for Val and I!! Good luck students. Now onto an equally important ( of) point of business: Thanksgiving.  

I'll post about the menu later on in the week either after the feast or the next day, but here is a peak at what's probably to come!

I came across this recipe for an amazing salad with caramelized pecans, apples, and cranberries while I was perusing through VegNews and am thinking about adding it to the Thanksgiving Day table. The recipe can be found here: 

And as of now, Val will be making a raw pumpkin pie for our dessert. She made a pumpkin pie (obviously vegan, but all that means is that EVERYONE can enjoy it!) for my niece's Halloween birthday party right before Halloween and it was a big hit! I'm sure she'll top it! She also makes a mean cocoa-banana bread if anyone is interested in the recipe or, if you're local, she'll happily bake it for you and drop it off. Yeah. She's pretty sweet. Recipe for the raw pumpkin pie can be found here:

    sn select bait x saucony shadow original cruelworld cover BAIT x Saucony Shadow Original: Shoes for a Cruel World
Okay, these aren't on the menu BUT can they be?? Pretty please?? BAIT and Saucony have teamed up and have created a casual vegan sneaker that will hit stores December 2nd. I guess even if I could be granted my wish, Thanksgiving is still a few days too early. Christmas maybe? Check out the story and read about these awesome kicks by clicking on the following links: 

Happy running everybody!

Thoughts for the week: 
-What are you thankful for in your life right now?
-Who are you thankful for in your life right now?
-What is your meaning of Thanksgiving? Is it about the food, the family, the days off, or something else entirely? 

Would love to read the comments if anyone is willing to post! 

Today's run: a quick 5 mile run around New Brunswick. Had to get back to cook Val a dinner I promised before she had to head out for class.
Pre-run fuel: 3 dates with water (plus breakfast and lunch of course)

Post-run recovery: Dinner

Dinner: sauteed cabbage, mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, and fresh garlic with a side of green beans and a adzuki bean and lentil mix. AMAZING!!! 

Dessert: dairy-free strawberry and cookies and cream ice cream from our favorite local spot: Dairy Deluxe in Highland Park! You don't know what you're missing...oh wait..maybe you do: the dairy! Check them out if you're nearby, but please do order a dairy-free option. 

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  1. Hey Will, loved the post! I thought I'd share and answer your questions for thought..

    - I am very thankful for getting an education in college right now. Becoming a social work major, and doing New Student Orientation this summer has really shown me that not everyone gets this opportunity. I really don't know where I'd be without it. I'm also very thankful for having a roof over my head, but most importantly living in a nice quiet house.

    - I'm extremely thankful for my sister and mom because they've shown me what the word tolerance really means. As well as "love." They do so much for me, and I want to start giving back. I can't forget my Sam either. They taught me what patience really is (and love as well).

    -Thanksgiving always use to be about the food for me, and then family. That was when I was little. Now that I think about it, Thanksgiving doesn't really have much meaning at the moment for me. I think all the values interwoven for the holiday should be things we think about and cherish everyday. It is a great time to get a bit of a break, and enjoy some good food with loved ones though. I think that in the future when I have my own place I'd love to be a host, and share my home, food, and lifestyle with people. I'd love to cook new recipes, and just have everyone all cozy.

    Oh yeah, I'd love to try or get the recipe for that banana bread as well!