Food = Energy

Food = Energy

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ahh...Teachers Convention

There are many, many pluses about teaching. There's the 7 (or 8) to 3:00 work day. Then you have the prep periods in there somewhere. Then many educators' top three reasons: June, July, August. Oh! Almost forgot..there's that small bit about educating the future's innovators, leaders, and changemakers. But currently, there is one reason why I'm happy to be in education: NJEA teachers convention. Now one day I will be grateful for the right reasons, but for now I'm happy because we are off from school today and tomorrow.

I have loved every minute of student teaching, but I have really missed my daily morning runs. So of course I woke up at 6:30 on my day off and got ready for my run. As I opened the door though, my plan of 2-3 miles immediately turned into a 60 minute run. It was 64 degrees with a nice fall breeze to keep me cool...20 minutes was not going to be enough. The run was enough to tide me over for the day especially after I included a few quarter mile hills into the mix, but I knew I was going to have to get back out there today even if it was during the impending rainfall.

So after breakfast I headed to the Barnes & Noble on campus to get some work done and catch up on some leisurely reading. I returned a couple hours later to get some chores done. You know what they say: dirty clothes don't wash themselves. They do say that right? Well, they do now--whoever they are. So I put a load in the wash and finally covered our bedroom window with the insulating shrink plastic (procrastination really got the best of me here) and got dressed for some sprints in the park.

A little rain never hurt anybody...just don't try telling that to this guy:

I kid, I kid. The rain wasn't this bad, but I still would have liked a proper rain jacket to throw on. I decided some DIY action was called for and managed to pin together my zipper-less jacket that's been tucked away in my closet. The finished product:

Hey I was an art history minor okay? Anyway, it did the job and got me through a quick speed workout.

The session: 2x400, 4x400, 2x200.

Don't feeling like running to a track? Do what I did. You can either sprint for however long a typical 200, 400 or x distance would take to cover or if you have a GPS watch you can run based on distance (e.g. .12 to .13 for 200 meters and .25 for 400 meters). Of course a track is ideal so you don't have to look down at your watch or so can you nix the watch altogether.

Last thing before I head out...anyone hear about the Wings for Life World Run? If not, Google it! Atlantic City has been selected as a location in the U.S. which is pretty cool. Seems a bit confusing and I wouldn't be surprised if there were a few glitches with the logistics given the technological dependence of the event, but I am still very tempted to register. Check it out and feel free to share your thoughts here!
Of course there is an actual website, but you can never expect any critique or interesting biases from the event organizers!

Pre-run fuel: glass of water (I had a urban teachers fellowship dinner last night so I was plenty fueled!)

Post-run meal: half of a grapefruit, a banana and raw peanut butter (courtesy of Val) with cinnamon, and coffee

Recovery snack (for afternoon sprint session): Clif Builder's Chocolate and Peanut Butter bar and a small banana.

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