Food = Energy

Food = Energy

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sun didn't get me this time

Decided to put a tempo on my schedule for today and was really glad I did it. After my last tempo run two weeks ago, I was kind of nervous. I think I posted about how the sun kicked my A and I just broke down after only 7 minutes or so. Today was much breezier and a much cooler temperature (63 degree or so), but I was still kind of nervous. My weekly mileage has been increasing and I've been running twice a day a bit more often; these miles have often been on the slower side as well. Additionally, I HATE doing any kind of speedwork in the morning when my legs are not even awake yet.

But I got out there and after a mile warm-up I ran 25 minutes (I'll work my way back up to 40 at least) at tempo pace. I'm nowhere near the kind of shape I used to be in for speedier workouts, but I was happy with the pace I got down to.

When I got home I immediately grabbed the blender and whipped up a banana almond milk smoothie with the tart cherry juice concentrate. This time, though, I added blueberries, chia seeds, and cacao powder for some added antioxidants and nutrition.

 Not the best picture, but it'll do.

Next on my short list of topics today is brown rice. My childhood memories are full of family cookouts and dinner as a family at the table. As a Puerto Rican though, the most common food served was an still is rice. White rice or yellow rice, which is really just white rice in our case with a bunch of seasoning. Ever since Val and I went vegan though, my parents have altered their own food choices and have switched over to brown rice which much better for you than white rice. It breaks down slower and is more nutritious as well.

Well, in addition to my reduced processed food intake I've also been experimenting with a low fat, more carbohydrate thing (because I don't want to say "diet" or "plan"). Given that brown rice has now taken over white rice in my home, it has been readily available, in its cooked form of course, every night for the past several nights. And so I have eating said brown rice almost every night and, actually, for lunch or breakfast as well. I figured that since my mileage has been bumped up than these slow burning carbohydrates should help me out some during my runs.

So here was my dinner (okay, maybe I had two bowls) last night and I had some more brown rice and a smidgen of hummus (processed, I know but cut me just a bit of slack here) for brunch this morning.

Loving it so far, but let's see how far this goes before I can't stand to look at a bowl of rice!

Lastly, please please please watch this video through. I was never and will never be a ninja warrior fan, but this video came up on my Facebook newsfeed and I decided to check it out. This woman rocked the course and is absolutely inspiring when you think of the determination and dedication to fitness that this woman has which allowed her to completely crush this course.

That's all for today!

Happy running everybody

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