Food = Energy

Food = Energy

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Oh to be a running coach...

I received some great news today. I will be coaching middle school Fall soccer at the Trenton school I am to be teaching at this coming school year. I am either going to be the assistant coach or the head coach which depends on one other candidate's decision, but either way I am psyched! I have been looking forward to coaching youth sports for years now.

While I see myself as having the potential to be a pretty good track, cross-country, or other running program coach, I see this as a valuable opportunity--a stepping stone--that I can use to open up such coaching possibilities in the future. Maybe I'll get to be like Jason Hartmann who has just retired from racing to focus on developing his coaching career.

Jason Hartmann sporting Nike running gear however this elite racer was not sponsored during his running career.

So there are less than 3 days left before I am to toe the line for my 6 hour run put on my Montour 24 in Danville, PA. I am so thankful that Val and her uncle will be there for moral support as I make my way around a 1.5 mile loop for 6 hours. Going to be interesting.

But what I'm kind of worried about at this point during the week is that after my 5 mile workout this morning which involved going sub 6:30 for 3 miles, I started to feel slight strain in both of my feet around the arch areas. As of now, they are better (I was walking around in flip flops earlier which wasn't helpful) and I'm hoping that the strain will be gone by Saturday morning. It's a good thing I have a rest day tomorrow and can take one Friday as well if I need to. I might head to the pool and do some swimming and pool running in the morning to get some cardio in.

Had lost my Moji 360 Mini for a few weeks, but this foot pain made me look just that much harder. Found it in, of course, an obvious location: a bag full of running items. Going to keep massaging my arches periodically over the next couple of days which should help reduce any inflammation and stress that might be present in these areas. Hopefully that cherry concentrate gets sent over to those spots next time I take it. Oh...that's not how that works? Awkward...

Speaking of the tart cherry juice concentrate, Runner's World posted an article on the recovery powers of ginger for athletes. Does this mean I need to try ginger out next?

That's all for today!

Happy Running!

PS: Congratulations to my beautiful girlfriend, Val, for being an offered a job for now into the school year. Great way to get some part time hours in and boost her resume so we can get on to the next chapter in our lives. For her, this includes med school so she can become a Naturopathic Doctor. Go Val!

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