Food = Energy

Food = Energy

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Snails & Sneaks

So I promised you all a post and although it is quite late, I am delivering on that promise.

First up on tonight's short agenda is to share with you a few pics from Val's and my trip:

Take it all in, Val.

Truck in the background and Val is definitely happy to be there. Can't lie though...I was pretty psyched as well. 

My breakfast platter. The Standard American Riot with GF Almond Milk French Toast w/ raspberry grapefruit coulis (puree) instead of the original blue corn  pancakes. The other stuff: scrambled tofu, French mustard marinated tempeh to die for, and a bed of superbly marinated greens. 

Val got the Maple Mustard Tempeh Sandwich 
on grilled spelt bread with roasted garlic aioli, kale, tomato, and onion. The gently warmed and lightly toasted bread helped make this a truly delicious sandwich. See..toasted bread. The simple things matter. 

Now, what is awesomeeee about having gone to The Cinnamon Snail last weekend is that ...well...we get to go again this Sunday! The Cinnamon Snail will be making a trip to Trenton (right next door to my humble abode) to grace the visitors and vendors of the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market with its presence. Check out that link for the deets...okay I won't do that again. I promise. I hope to see you there supporting the local and not-so-local vendors and treating yourself to some delicious vegan nom-noms from the CS food truck!

Onto the sneaks...


I finally got a  decent run after teacher orientation this afternoon. Had a plan to go out for 5 miles, but I felt so great!!!that I did an extra half mile. 

The sneakers are about an ounce lighter than its previous version (Gel-Excel33 2) and I could really feel the difference. I felt lighter on my feet even though I was very clearly still requiring recovery from the weekend. I got down to 7:10 pace for a few miles which felt easy, but I did start to feel some slight pain in my right foot just before/under my pinky toe. I had pain in this area only once before and that was after I ran my first marathon in shoes that were too narrow for my feet. I'm reallyyy hoping that the pain is just from my body still being in repair mode and not the same thing happening again or else that's another shoe payment I have to fork over!!! Darn you wide feet!

Lastly,  I'm starting to think of ways to evolve this blog and I don't know what that means just yet. One of the things I'd love to see is more interaction with all of you so expect something there. I'm playing around with a couple other ideas for now, but we'll see. If anybody has any requests or ideas (including topics for future posts) please shoot me an email ( and I will be sure to address your message promptly.

That's all for tonight.

As always,

Happy Running!

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