Food = Energy

Food = Energy

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

NC take me back!!!

Oh how nice it would have been to wake up at Lion and the Rose in Asheville this morning. Being back home after such an amazing vacation still hasn't quite sunk it like it usually does. 

After a 2 hour run using my aerobic system (fat-burning, slow pace; a post for another day maybe this week) and 13 miles of nonstop sweating, I could definitely have used this breakfast that our innkeeper from the B&B provided one morning.

 Veganized huevos rancheros

But after listening to several No Meat Athlete podcasts ( and Rich Roll Podcasts ( I decided to minimize how much food I eat that comes out of a package (i.e. processed foods). I mean there are things I don't want to cut out such as tofu, tempeh, and non-dairy milk, but for the most part it has been going well. I felt great this morning when I woke up for my run which hasn't been the case in a while. And I figured after all the sweets from vacation I could use something to work toward. I'll post after about a week or so of minimizing processed foods and let you know how it's been going. 

                  We met this guy, Matt, in Asheville!

You'll probably be seeing a lot more about RRP and NMA in the near future given that I'm so inspired by these guys recently. Hopefully you'll start to follow them too, but just don't leave me behind in the process!!

A bit random, but I took this picture the day before I left for vacation and figured it's not too late to share it. This is indeed a peacock and it is but 1 of about 4 or 5 that stay around this home I frequently pass. Pretty sure there is one female and 3 or 4 males and they are even more beautiful than the ones you see in a zoo because well..they're not in one.

Lastly, before I publish this post, I just need to express how much I love that I signed up for my 6 hour ultramarathon  rather late! I mean it's only 11 days away and I have barely thought about it! Feels so great not to have been counting down for 3 or more months. And I already have more ideas for ultras lined up, but I shall not post about those until I am positive!

That's all for tonight. I'll leave you with a crazy story I came across last night regarding the 3rd place finisher at the famous Hardrock 100 in Colorado. The first link is about Killian Jornet who is a monster ultra runner who broke the course record with super ease just last week and the second link is about the 3rd place finisher. Enjoy!

Killian's win:

3rd place finisher's crazy occurence:

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