Food = Energy

Food = Energy

Friday, July 25, 2014

Rotating your running shoes

I can't believe it's already Friday.  I will be waking up around 3:15 tomorrow morning and heading out the door by 3:45 hopefully. Check in ends at 6:30 (these kind of races are much more lenient than what you may be used to so I probably have a 10-15 minute window) and the race starts at 7am. 6 hours of running puts me finishing at 1pm. Not too bad, right? Not quite.

As many of you already know, the race/run is on a 1.5 mile loop and that is the part that I am most nervous about. After having gotten up to a 5 hour training run already and feeling good afterwards, I should be fine to run 6 hours. But those 5 hours did not involve me running around for a mile and a half. In fact, I didn't practice running in 1-2 mile loops at all during my training. I always thought about it, but I think I wanted to actually enjoy my runs and I figured I'll just handle whatever surprise (an unpleasant one I'm sure) comes my way.

New Run, New shoes (ordered at least)

Asics Gel-Excel33 3 

I ordered these guys (in the darker blue) a couple days ago after two weeks of putting off buying new running shoes. I had noticed that Excel33 2's that I've been running in have been showing serious signs of wear and tear (literally). 

I noticed these tears in my shoes a couple weeks ago and thought, "Man. This shoe is great to run in but they just don't last long. Then I started thinking about just how long they did last me. The best way to do this is by figuring out the mileage on the shoe, not the months you've had them. It turns out that I've logged over 800 miles on these shoes. WAY over what is recommended (approx. 300 depending on the kind of training and the surface).

I brought my trail running shoes (Asics Fuji Trainer 3) for tomorrow's 6 hour, but I am worried that the loose gravel that I'm expecting tomorrow will ruin the treads. So as of now, I am planning on running in my 33 2's which will probably be their last Hurrah! This is my second pair of the 33 2's and the first pair is what I wore for my 50 mile trail run last October which wasn't too pretty. Hopefully the same outcome can be and is avoided. 

They're excited for tomorrow's race!

Speaking of running shoes. It is so important to have more than one. How many of you only have one pair that you run in? If you don't run every day then it is probably fine, but if you do run every day or close to that, then you really need to consider rotating between at least two shoes. 

One of those pairs can be for your more moderate runs while the other can be for your faster workouts (you'd probably want a lighter training shoe for this). Or perhaps you like to run on the trails sometimes and so you might consider rotating between a trail shoe and a road trainer. The possibilities are endless! Almost. But the benefits are truly numerous.

1) Reduce the risk of injury.
2) Slow down the wear and tear on your shoes. 
3) Save money (your shoes will last longer when you're not constantly running in one pair)
4) Get the most out of your workouts

The list can keep going.  

Snapped a picture of Val's most recent running shoes. She sticks with Brooks while I stick with Asics. 

She loves their PureConnect series. The blue and the black (foreground) are the same model while the yellow are their newer version, the PureConnect 3's. Take a look at the black shoes with the pink running sections on the bottoms. Anything catching your eye? How about the fact that they are completely worn away! 

Val was running in these shoes like this for who knows how long and it was definitely not good for her running muscles. The cushion is completely worn away which means not only is the balance off, but her muscles are forced to absorb more of the shock from pounding while running which makes her legs tired faster.

If your shoes look like these then please do yourself a favor and go buy new shoes. If you have a pair of running shoes it's because you care about your health, right? Then go and invest in your health by buying a new pair of running shoes!!!

For more on the importance/benefits of rotating your running shoes check out these two sites. The second link will bring you to a Runner's World forum so that you can read what other runners think about this idea. 

That's all for today!

Getting nervous for my run, but it's all a mental game now. The physical training is there. Let's see what the mind can do!

Happy Running!

PS: Here's a list of what I'll be bringing tomorrow to fuel my body during the run:

  • 2 Clif Shot Gels 

  • 1 & 1/2 sleeves of Strawberry Clif Bloks 

  • 1 Bonk Breaker bar 
  • 1 Honey Stinger (honey is barely in my diet anymore, but it is such a light bar which is great for an early morning start)
  • And I will be using Nuun Tri-Berry in water for electrolyte replenishment 
  • There will be an aid station which will probably have snacks, sandwiches, potatoes, and soups The 12 hour and 24 hour runners will definitely be needing all of that so I will probably stick to my own fueling goodies and grab a pb&j for the ride home! 

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