Food = Energy

Food = Energy

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Anniversary Weekend!

I just want to post about an incredible weekend it has been. Yesterday was Val and I's 3rd anniversary and it was quite a day (and weekend). 

While Val had to go into work for a few hours in the afternoon, I was able to get in a good 80 minute, 10 mile run. Wearing short running shorts on a 28-29 degree day definitely turned some heads throughout my route, but I didn't care; it felt great to get out there and wearing shorts is definitely the way I like to run. 

When I picked up Val from work I surprised her with a gift certificate for 5 yoga classes to Sakula yoga studio in Metuchen where she's been to before and had a good experience. I figured I couldn't go wrong as she's been talking about yoga recently and her mom got her a new yoga mat for Christmas. 

Then it was time for Goldie's.... (Pictures at the end of the post!) 

Goldie's is a relatively new vegan restaurant in Asbury Park. It opened up in September right down the street from an awesome vegan lunch place: Twisted Tree Cafe which explains why we never heard about until a month ago when we were trying to plan where to celebrate our anniversary. What an amazing experience we had.

We've been to Blossom's in NY, Vedge in Philadelphia, Sprig & Vine in New Hope, PA, Elizabeth's Gone Raw in Washington, D.C., and out of all of these fancy shmancy (Sprig & Vine is much more casual, but still) places, Goldie's topped the list. 

You would think three appetizers and our entrees would fill us up and it might have had it been non-vegan food. But the beauty of vegan eats (for Val and I) is that we get to eat more before we really begin to feel it! Given that, we decided to get two desserts to finish out the night. Or so we thought. After those two desserts...2 more. And just to satisfy our intense sweet tooth, we ordered our fifth dessert plate and the last dessert option on the menu! Yeah, we have a problem. You don't have to tell us! 

Our eats & drinks:
Fried cauliflower 
Fried Hen-of-the-Woods mushrooms
Roasted brussel sprouts with an incredible apple butter spread on the side

Chickpea Socca (Val)
Truffle-marinated Tempeh (Me)

Desserts: TOO MUCH TO TYPE!! but here I go (in order)
Truffles (70% cocoa)
Olive oil cake w/ lemon almond ricotta and berry coulis (i.e. fancy culinary terms for "sauces" or "toppings")

Cranberry-blackberry cobbler 
Roasted Gala apples w/ an amazing hazelnut brittle and cinnamon rum cream to top it

And if that wasn't enough...

Chocolate cookies with a hazelnut butter and panna cotta (these were our favorite of the 5 and literally (almost) to die for!) 

Kale-Ginger margarita
Tangerine Mojito 
Spiced pear 
....and I guess I'll add the "Perfect" Manhattan to this list although it was wayyy too strong for either of us lightweights!

 Most decadent chocolate truffles ever!
 Olive oil cake

Val's chickpea socca (bottom) definitely beat out my tempeh dish

 My Tangerine Mojito (left) and Val's Kale-Ginger margarita 

 Happy 3rd!  

And if all of that wasn't, after devouring Carob-covered Raisins for breakfast, we went to Val's best friend's house for lunch with her and her parents. 

On the menu: 

Val's famous homemade Black-bean Quinoa veggie burgers

Val's second set of parents and I. Claudia showing off Val's veggie burgers!

Thank you, Val for putting up with me for the past 3 years. It's been quite a ride and, God willing, we have countless years ahead of us!

That's all for tonight!

Happy Running!

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