Food = Energy

Food = Energy

Thursday, February 6, 2014

"I love you, Angie. Sorry, hunny."

The Olympics have begun! While the official opening ceremony will occur tomorrow, events have already took place over in Sochi. Val and I are currently watching while doing homework, and for some reason I am Cravinggg some popcorn.  

Angie's kettle corn popcorn is definitely my favorite. It's truly heaven in a bag. 

So my running has definitely taken a hit over the past few weeks after my return from dealing with jock itch. I can't get even remotely close to the weekly mileage I want to be at or should be reaching by week's end. What has made it worse is that my brain has not realized that my mileage has been reduced; I have definitely increased the calories lately and I practically salivate just thinking about all the Clif Bars in my desk drawer. 

School was delayed yesterday and we had minimal options for breakfast (in my opinion). Then, I remembered my drawer. Black Cherry Almond was the choice of the day and my what a choice it was! Definitely worth a try...

Put yourself back into your childhood for a minute. Imagine you have just gotten into some disciplinary trouble and your teacher is about to tell you the consequences of your action. You expect a possible detention, extra classwork in place of recess, or, in the case of my high school, sweeping the cafeteria during your lunch period (after you finish lunch, of course). But the teacher doesn't deliver any of these options. Instead, you have been assigned to run x # of laps around the playground parking lot or perhaps the gym. "This isn't soccer practice!" you think to yourself. That's right, younger version of you; this is school in the UK. The education secretary of the UK has listed running laps as a permissible form of punishment along with weeding the grounds and other methods you can read about here:

How in the world does punishing children with running laps make sense in an era of rising obesity and decline in health and activity in children across the world? Mind-boggling! 

I'm sure this guy wouldn't approve.

Speaking of Mo Farah, he is training for his first marathon which will be the London Marathon taking place this April. The track speedster and Olympic champion has definitely got distance talent as he showed in his debut half marathon last September in England. How does he think he'll do in London? 

Again. Mind-Boggling.

Enjoy Day 1 of the Olympics!

Happy Running!

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