Food = Energy

Food = Energy

Monday, February 24, 2014

Go Vega!

Mondays get such a bad rap, but today is definitely a good one! Woke up pretty early and more then tired, but I needed to go for a decently long run. After the incredible calorie consumption this past weekend, I needed to get back on track. I managed to get in 14 miles on Saturday, but yesterday I was too full to even think about moving, let alone running. 

Today was a new day, though, and I got out the door around 7 and took off to explore a couple of Rutgers campuses. 
Was thinking about an easy 2 hour run, but I think all the pita bread and hummus from yesterday gave me quite the energy boost.

Immediately after I walked in the door, I had a Vega Apple Berry "recovery accelerator" mixed with water. Val spent $10 at the expo yesterday for a sample bag of Vega products that was probably worth about $25-30. In it were various bars, protein mixes, and recovery drink mixes with various vitamins and electrolytes. 

I couldn't wait to have the Vega bar Val gave me with breakfast. Not pictured: coffee, of course! (That's what the milk was for)

Running coach Jason Kilderry presenting on training and technique for runners. There were four "rooms" each with a different seminar simultaneously taking place every 50 minutes (does that make sense?). 

Val trying on her new Giro aero helmet. What a bargain! Hope it helps her for Nationals and for the new tri season starting this summer!

Val having her swim technique analyzed in the endless pool. This thing is so freakin' cool! If only our landlord would allow us to put the smallest model in our loving room...oh and there's the cost part too. Val's uncle had his technique analyzed as well.

Had so many Honey Stinger Waffle sample bites that a vendor at the expo just kept cutting up and putting out for people to try. Val and I have definitely tried our share of honey stinger waffles, but they sure didn't know that (and yes, Val and I do consume honey).

That's all for today! I will leave you with a video that can only make you say, "I wish this never happens to me." Watch it here.

Happy Running!

PS: Told you I'd make up for the lack of pictures last post!

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