Food = Energy

Food = Energy

Monday, August 11, 2014

Marathon in less than 4 weeks?? Maybe

Happy Monday everyone! 

I really don't like that I have to write these posts so late at night, but I don't quite see an alternative...I guess it's just the reality. Today was the first day of school for our new students and it was a great day. My school is pretty strict on behavior and procedures so this week is really a student orientation week just on behavioral and daily expectations, which have proven to really help the students succeed in the long run...all that matters, right? 

So I was up at 5:30am and didn't leave the school building until 6 so it was quite a long day. I'll get used to those hours, but what I have to make sure I don't give up is my running. So knowing that I had to get a run in, I had to fuel up properly to give me sustainable energy throughout the day. After a day of poor eating yesterday (Tostitos and salsa, spiced ginger snap cookies, kettlecorn popcorn, and who knows what else), I was relieved to be forced to be back on track with my eating.

For lunch I've been packing a packed salad which I will take a picture of tomorrow morning to share with you all, but it's just greens with sliced up oranges, strawberries, blueberries and cucumbers. Simple, but such incredible flavors when combined into one juicy bite. Then there's the apple, baggy of fresh cucumber slices, carrots, and cherry tomatoes, and today I had a cherry pie Larabar as an afternoon snack to tide me over until a late dinner after my late run. Larabars were never my fancy, but after my dad bought a handful of them last week I've been hooked. Clif are still my favorite, but there a bit too heavy for just a small snack. 

Speaking of running though, I had an amazing 15 miler on Sunday. I wasn't and still am not sure what kind of running I should be doing right now given that I have nt yet registered for a race for the fall so I decided to run a 90 minute run Saturday and a 15 miler Sunday. These times/distances weren't actually planned until that morning, but I knew I wasn't going out for anything more than 2 hours. I just wasn't feeling it. 

The 11 miles mile run I got in on Saturday was okay; I didn't feel great about it, but I was glad to have gone for at least 90 minutes. Sunday's run on the other hand was amazing. I managed to go 7:31 pace for the 15 miles and felt like I was running on clouds. My new Asics Excel 33 3's are super light and comfortable and, to be honest, I was worried how my feet were going to feel after a quick paced longer run like that given my experience in light shoes for longish distances, but my feet were completely fine. In fact, I enjoyed the run so much that I'm thinking about signing up for the Via Health Network Marathon in Lehigh Valley on September 7th. I was contemplating this marathon back in May after I ran the NJ Marathon at the end of April, but decided against it and now I'm back to thinking I want to do it. I'll keep you posted! I don't foresee a BQ time, but something about the marathon is calling me back already. 

That's all the posting I'm going to do tonight...too much other stuff to get to. I realize I didn't post any pictures so I'll be sure to make sure that doesn't happen any time soon!

Before I go...

I want to acknowledge Robin Williams on a fantastic career in the multimedia industry. When I found out that this great actor and comedian passed away, I felt truly sad for the first time in a long time which makes sense because a prominent person in our culture has sadly passed. 

I just want to share the three films that I will forever remember. I will always be grateful to Robin Williams for giving these to my world. I know there not his Oscar winning films or anything, but they impacted my life so that's all that matters.

Patch Adams


Mrs. Doubtfire


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