Food = Energy

Food = Energy

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Just not feeling happens

So I left the school building at 6pm again, and was bummed that it was raining. Had it not been raining, I probably would have scrounged up some motivation to go out and run, but that just wasn't the case. 

It took me 20 slow minutes to move about my house to get my running clothes together and by the time I actually got my clothes on what little motivation I had to go run had altogether diminished. I searched for an image to portray how I felt during this situation and this captures my feeling almost exactly:

 ....I say "almost exactly" because, "Good, I'll get your shoes," was replaced with, "Okay, put away your shoes." 

So I decided to take a day off and just eat dinner at a somewhat normal time and get some work done for school. 

Idk. I don't get these days often where I am just not feeling it, but that's exactly how I felt today. I felt off and I've learned, mostly from my conversations with Val, that it's okay to have those days and to accept that they are a normal part of training. However, now that I'm working full-time I have to watch how often those days might sneak up on me because I don't want to fall into a running rut. 

As promised, here are a couple shots of my go-to salad for the past week and a half or so. 

Start off with the greens. Plain spinach usually suffices for me as well.

End with the greatness. Cut up oranges, strawberries, cucumbers and blueberries. That's all she wrote. No dressings needed although maybe soon I'll include a recipe for a tasty homemade dressing after I consult with Val. She used to make her own for her salads she'd take to work so I know she has some good ideas. 

Okay that's all for tonight. Still debating this whole marathon thing. I'll keep you all posted! If it wasn't so late and therefore the most expensive the marathon fee gets then I would be all over it..but sadly that's not the case and I am left to debate what I should do.

Oh well.

Happy running!!

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