Food = Energy

Food = Energy

Friday, August 8, 2014

Can't get it together!

I just can't get it together. I feel like my hours are just running into the next at lightning speed and I can't slow them down! Even tomorrow I want to get out for 2 hours and run but have a bunch of teaching/classroom-related errands to get done. It's going to be stretch, but I can't sacrifice my runs. They are what keeps me whole.

For tonight...please read Ben's story as it really is an inspiring story.

Also, I have to share with you all that I was "published" (my comment to the Editor) in the September Issue of Runner's World which is on a newsstand near you! I can't believe they decided to publish my comment.

Sooo ecstatic to see my name in such a prominent magazine for the running community I just love so much! the article I am raving about. It was truly a fantastic and relatively short read which is what prompted me to share my delight with RW.

That's all for tonight!

Happy Running!!

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