Food = Energy

Food = Energy

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Over the hump!

Okay now given the title of this post you might be thinking something bad or unwanted has happened...wrong! All I mean is that posting today means I got through hump day of my last week of student teaching! It's kind of bittersweet really. I love the 7th graders I've been teaching--all 150+ of them. I'm going to miss my cooperating teacher and our Common Planning Time meetings (CPT's) as well as our prep period laughs and conversations. It's really been a great 6 weeks that I wouldn't trade for anything else. So that's the bitter part. The sweet part? Where to begin...

1) Slightly increases chances of sleeping in (very slight chances)

2) I get to run in the morning again as opposed to 3:30pm runs! I've definitely missed this as part of my day.

3) Not packing lunch in a lunchbox (I'm going to miss this a bit, but now I get to cook fresh veggies for lunch if I choose to!)

4) Going back to school! I have 5 classes left to complete before I earn my M.Ed. from Rutgers and I couldn't be more excited. I think you have to love school to be a are actively choosing to teach in a school after completing school; there's gotta be some love there! For me, I absolutely love school and cannot wait to be taking notes, participating in discussions, and writing papers again (let's see what my posts start to look like in March and again in late April!)

But truthfully, I've had a great time at the New Brunswick Middle School this past month and a half and it was just a small taste of what's to come for next year if all goes well!

After hump day at school, I celebrated the completion of my last observation by my supervisor with an out-and-back 10 mile run down a major street of New Brunswick which led me past the middle school (I just can't get enough I suppose). Then how did I celebrate the 10 mile run? Indian food at Val's Aunt and Uncle's! Garlic naan has to be one of the best breads out there. So freaking good. It could have been my appetite telling me all this last night, but I'd still defend garlic naan if I had to.

Anyway....enough for today. Off to the school. Enjoy your day everybody.

Happy Running!

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