Food = Energy

Food = Energy

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Great weekend for running!

Christmas is coming!!!! Ten days. Holy Cow! Good thing I'm already done all the Christmas shopping and wrapping...kidding! Though, I wish I wasn't. I guess I can look at it this way: I still have ten days to finish my shopping and wrapping. Yeah let's go with that. Clearly I'm a bit addled this evening. I think it's the Sunday off from any kind of work or maybe the chocolate coated mini rice cakes Val and I just enjoyed as dessert. Whatever it is, I'm loving the energy.

Speaking of energy, this weekend was a great weekend of running. I hope everybody else managed to show Mother Nature who's boss out there. I tried on Saturday. She won. But I did manage to get in a little over 13 miles before I decided to wave the proverbial white flag and surrender to the relentless cold that She sent to squash my hopes of running for 3 hours. I think I might have had a chance if it wasn't for frozen hands....second pair of running gloves I've bought this season and I was promised that these would do the trick..Err!! Wrong! I guess I have to figure out what I'm going to do for the 50 miler in January that I'm planning on running...wishful thinking aside, it only gets colder for the next couple of months.

Today's run wasn't bad either. After binge eating after work last night while visiting Val's mom, I had all the energy in the world for this morning's run. I managed to get Val to run with me and we got in a nice 90 minute run...I could have run longer, but I'm glad I didn't. According to the conventional wisdom in the running community, total weekly mileage should't be increased by more than 10% each week. Now, I've bent that rule a few times this past year alone, but had I run the planned 3 hours this morning, that would have been an increase of about 30% of last week's mileage (which has been roughly consistent for the past month or so). Besides, I enjoyed getting out there with Val and toughing out those slushy roads.

Enough about me and my rambling...Here's the good stuff:

I don't know how many people checked out my most recent post, but I'm hoping you enjoyed the Run, Run, Run song I shared with you. Here is another video that you HAVE to watch video. It was posted on an ultra running and trail running group page I'm linked to on Facebook. I think you'll enjoy it even if you haven't participated in a marathon, but if you have then you should enjoy it 10x more! The link is below the picture.

Prototype of 3D printed protocell running shoe
"What the heck is that," you might ask. "Running shoes of the future," I might respond. Click below!

That's all I have for you tonight!

Happy Running!


Today's run: About 9 miles
Pre-run fuel: Nothing (going off of last night's binge-eating feast!)
Post-run recovery: Banana and natural peanut butter with cinnamon.

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