Food = Energy

Food = Energy

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Confused...winter solstice or summer solstice?

Is this weekend just a complete dream that I am soon to be awaken from? According to the calendar, yesterday was December 21st, aka the first day of winter formally known as Winter Solstice, but that had to be a mistake right? I mean people!!! The temperature outside rose to 62 degrees during my long run! That hasn't happened in months! I don't know if I should be extremely worried about the state of our planet, or just selfishly ecstatic because I got to thoroughly enjoy a 20 mile run yesterday.

I had a late start yesterday morning with Val, but I was still set on running at least 3 hours. For the first 20 minutes I felt like I was going to be a bit slower than usual for my long runs so I changed my goal to at least 20 miles. After the first hour I was able to pick up the pace a bit and hold it for the remainder of the run...I was beyond happy to have logged that 20th mile in 2:57! Of course I then used those 3 minutes and more to cool down. Just as warming up and stretching is always advised and encouraged, so too is cooling down and stretching.

Val and I then spent the rest of the afternoon getting ready for a holiday party we were attending that evening. Val and I de-shelled some peanuts (she'll hurt me if I don't give her most of the credit though) and she proceeded to baking these delicious vegan blondies that she baked for the first time a couple weeks ago. Just 4 ingredients: chickpeas, natural peanut butter (hello that's why we were de-shelling peanuts!), maple syrup, and chocolate chips. This recipe and ingredient list is so simple I almost had no guilt being the one to eat the most at the party we brought them too! Ahh well...I guess I needed the carbs anyway.

I'll be sure to include the recipe in my next post after I ask Val to write it down for me. Hopefully it's not too much of a secret!

I am also playing around with the idea of making specialty peanut butters for us to enjoy and hopefully share with our friends and family. Should they come out well, you'll definitely hear about them soon!

Oh and btw, as I'm writing this post, my phone indicates that it is 72 degrees in New Brunswick. This is scary! Hopefully it doesn't start to pour though because I am planning on heading out for another long run.

Happy Running and happy...Winter?


Yesterday's run: 20 miles; minutes under 3 hours

Pre-run fuel: water; I was planning on using the previous day's carbs to get me started

During-run fuel: 2 natural fruit bars at 120 calories each, and water. I had one bar at the 1 hour mark and the other bar at the 2 hour mark each time making sure to wash it down with water.

Post-run recovery: big bowl of oatmeal with peanut butter, teaspoon of brown rice syrup, tons of cinnamon (I mean, tons), and a sliced up banana.

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