Food = Energy

Food = Energy

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Holy Crutches!!

When I was in high school, I was forced to use crutches after I experienced a hairline fracture in my ankle. Getting around school for the next week or so was brutal! It was towards the end of May and I was sweating through my school uniform just getting from one end of the hallway to the other!

I probably looked like this guy in the morning:


And this kid throughout the day:


If someone were to ask me to complete anything further than 100 yards while on crutches I would probably look at them like they had three heads. So you can imagine my awe when I  read about a guy crutching 3.1 miles this past Saturday. I can't begin to fathom how my upper body would feel after a feat such as that. I still think I'd feel like the kid in the picture above, but this guy probably felt like this:

If anyone saw me getting ready to run in this northeast cold, you might think it's blizzarding outside. Lately, I am putting on some kind of short base layer tights, topped with track pants or sweat pants (different bottoms if it's a speed workout). I then put on a short sleeve cotton t-shirt (should probably start with a wicking shirt), then layer a long sleeve running shirt or jacket over that and then top it all off with a wind-resistant jacket. And it's not a winter run without the thermal headband or running beanie and gloves. 

I have been encouraging everyone to not let the winter cold stop you from getting outside and getting in your form of exercise, but sometimes that cold can just stop you in your tracks once you open that front door. I came across a article that shares with its readers 6 precautions to take to safely and happily enjoy a run or outdoor exercise during these wintry, snowy times! Enjoy:,,20753416,00.html

Happy Tuesday Night everybody!

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