Food = Energy

Food = Energy

Monday, June 1, 2015

The beautiful game

Stand and walk: "Creaak" "Crack." "Groan." "Ooo."
Sit. "Ahhhhh."

My whole body hurts today. Okay maybe my hair doesn't hurt and my toenails are fine. But I'm almost positive every other inch of my body is sore and in pain. Did I just run another 50k? No. Absolutely not. It's funny though is that even after that race last week, my body wasn't nearly as sore as it is today. So what the heck happened over the weekend? 

Those of you who have played or watch the sport regularly might already have a good guess as to what Val and I participated in yesterday morning. That's right: soccer. I just wanted to kick the ball around. We had originally planned to go for a trail run in the morning, but something told me to change it up. So I suggested we go to the nearby track and do a light work out if we wanted, but to just kick the soccer ball around and maybe bring a frisbee too. Well that idea quickly progressed into me finding out if there were any pick-up soccer games happening (very common in Portland). 

It turned out that two were going to be occurring; one in the early afternoon and the other at night. I'll make what could be a very long story (from me especially!) short...

9:25AM: Ran a couple hill repeats to get the blood flowing; then back inside to locate and put together soccer gear
9:50AM: Leave for Goodwill as neither of us had (and still don't have as we were unsuccessful in our hunt) soccer cleats. Had to go to two Goodwill stores to find anything and were only able to find some shin guards for Val and some indoor/turf soccer shoes for her. I just played in some soccer-looking sneakers.
11-1/1:15PM: SOCCER time(!!) with about 80 minutes of that time actually playing a full-on 11v11 (or maybe 11v12) soccer game with pop-up nets

Rest of the day? Just! And man did we need it, although today was far worse than last night. Playing soccer was a breeze although neither Val nor I have played in years. Like riding a bike, you just don't forget some things. Except we did forget how sore bodies get when different muscles are used for the first time and for a long time.

It was such an awesome workout playing soccer that we had to go enjoy a nice lunch at an easy-on-the-wallet cafe that we just love (Paradox, for you PDX readers). Pancakes, french toast, breakfast potatoes, tempeh, veggies, GF maple corn muffin--all for $20? Yes please. 

Then I had to down one of these  as I was definitely dehydrated after playing on a 80 degree sunny day with a black shirt on! 

And I guess we went a whole step further in replenishing the water and electrolytes in our bodies by eating a serious fruit salad for dinner. 
The cherries were definitely the best part. Talk about a fruit belly! I looked like a swallowed half a watermelon whole after this meal!

So today we had to suck it up and just get through the aches and pains of movement, which seeing how it's almost 9:30..I think we made it! To help get my blood flowing and get my muscles to speed up their recovery, I made sure to minimize my sitting and eat as nutritiously as possible. It's tempting to use your need for rest and recovery as a reason to sit and lounge a bit more than you usually do, but this actually slows down your body's ability to fully recover. 

Okay....whew! I think that's it for tonight. Oh.

 Started reading this book a couple days ago. Val got it for me for my birthday and she proceeded to read a few pages that day and couldn't put it down. I finally got it in my hands a couple days ago and love it so far. Definitely recommend it for those of you who don't mind reading fiction. I certainly don't!

Okay. That's definitely it. My next post will likely be about coconut water and electrolytes which is kind of fitting because whether you're in New Jersey or Oregon reading this, you're experiencing a general rise in the daily temperatures. 90s this coming weekend here in Portland: all the more to make sure you're hydrating and replenishing electrolytes frequently (Did you know plain water actually works to lower the electrolytes in your body!?  More on this in my next post..)

Happy Running everyone!

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