Food = Energy

Food = Energy

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Has food always been so good?

So I guess this is my return to the blogging scene...I definitely miss writing every night and having a virtual audience (of 1...2...5 people? Doesn't matter) with whom to share my brain thoughts.

None of you probably know this, but I am writing to you from Portland, Oregon: My and Val's new home for the next 6 years or so. Val was admitted into naturopathic medical school (NCNM) and we moved here so she can pursue her dream of becoming a Naturopathic Doctor. The hope for us is that I follow her path to NCNM for a Master's in Nutrition in 2 years which I will begin working toward come this summer (prerequisites stink!).

So anyway...I'm no longer teaching full time and am instead substituting out here which I'm loving. It allows me to continue running everyday without a whole load of stress which--not going to lie--has been very, very great. Couldn't wait to sign up for my first ultra out here..a memorial day 50K on the trails right here in Portland.

Tonight's title popped into recently and it wasn't the first time either. Val and I will be celebrating 4 years together, but we decided to go out for a nice big lunch earlier today instead. So we had to choose one of the many, many, (many) vegan eateries out here for which to experience. It's freakin' vegan heaven out here people. I mean's so hard to keep my wallet away with all of this incredible vegan food constantly surrounding me.

So tonight's question: Has food always been so good? I know for a fact I didn't appreciate food like I do now before I was vegan. Is it that vegan food is that much better (yes!!) or was I just not developmentally ready to appreciate good food? I really don't get it and am seriously wondering about this idea. But this is all a part of my passion for wanting to learn and teach awareness of proper nutrition. Food is amazing. It is a joy to eat and joyous art to create. And it is also an absolute necessity for human life which is a beautiful thing. So if we love ourselves and food, why not fill out bodies with the most colorful, beautiful and nutritious food out there? And to attain that "beauty" in our food, I discredit food that is tainted with animal products and thus involves animal cruelty to obtain. There is so much clean food out there nowadays. If you are reading this then you're all online right a search if you don't know what foods you can start exploring today to replace your animal-derived products. Have fun while doing it! Make it a project with friends or family members.

More blog posts and pictures to come in the future!

New Jersey: I miss you. But I'm loving it out here in Portland.

As always,

Happy Running!

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