Food = Energy

Food = Energy

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Why I already love Portland

It was named the second most vegan-friendly city in 2013. I can't corroborate that statement, not having visited all of its competitors on the list, but I can say with absolute certainty that it is definitely vegan-friendly.

Below are some pictures I've taken so far that allow me to share my various thoughts thus far about Portland.

Let's start with the obvious... the food! I only wish I had pictures of all of my meals so far here in Portland (then again, maybe that'd be going a bit too far). This one here is of a faux turkey club sandwich which I had at my and Val's anniversary lunch just this past weekend. 

New Jersey is the diner state. There's a reason why the Garden State is sometimes called the diner capital of the world .The reason I bring this up is because, growing up, I generally had two meals whenever we ate out at a diner: pancakes for breakfast or a turkey club for lunch. When I saw that Vita Cafe had a veganized turkey club sandwich on the menu...well, it's obvious from the picture right? I should mention that this was the best turkey club sandwich I ever did have the pleasure of eating.

Not just food... but sweets: the Achilles heal of my beautiful soulmate and myself. This one here is our anniversary slice of Petunia's black and white cake. I can honestly say that this vegan and gluten-free cake was definitely the best cake I've had since vegan and may have been the best slice of chocolate cake I've ever had in my pre-vegan years. was that good.

And here is the love of my life...oh, and that's my beautiful girlfriend and life partner, Val, in the background. 

There are these grocery outlet stores all around here and in the town where I work (Beaverton: home of Nike!) where, among all other food and kitchen items, you can get quality foods at a wonderfully cheaper price. This includes one of my lovely indulgences: wine! I took a picture of this bottle for quite an obvious reason. I know excessive alcohol is not good for athletes as it impedes muscle recovery (academic explanation  & very general gist), but keep it to a glass or two every once in a while and you (meaning "I") should be juuust fine...

The Eastbank Esplanade! While this isn't a trail run, running along the Willammette River is such a breath of fresh air from running the streets back home in NJ. And there are so many runners and bikers out and about in this city (rain or shine) it is just amazing!

Mt. Hood...the view of this mountain on a day with clear skies is just stunning! Here is Val trying to capture the beauty of this mountain from her phone and I say "trying" with a purpose. As often is the case, a picture just doesn't do it justice.

Alright, that is all for tonight! Looking forward to some more posts in the near future. I am smelling some wafts of something delicious coming from the kitchen and I'm pretty sure their source has my name all over it...metaphorically, of course. 

Happy Running...and living!

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