Food = Energy

Food = Energy

Saturday, September 6, 2014

The struggle is real!

So there's this phrase that is very...very...popular among the teachers in my school: The struggle is real.
Typically it's said about the students comprehension of new material or lack of organizational skills, but every so often the phrase is expressed and directed at the speaker in a more poking-fun kind of way.

But for me...the struggle has been absolutely real in a not-poking-fun, totally serious kind of way. I'm talking about a late nights, early risings, barely running, overeating kind of struggle. 

There was a time, a couple years ago, when 9:30 was late for Val and I. Fortunately for her, she still has the luxury of getting to bed around that time and oh, how I envy her for that. Now when I see 11:00pm on my phone or computer screen I tell myself one more hour...and then I wake up 5 hours later to do it all over again. 

And what's making it even more tough is that I'm not running the same kind of distance I was even 2 weeks ago. I was getting in at least 60 miles a week for a good while and now I'm lucky if I get in 30-35. It's been a slight drag on my morale, but I'm happy I can at least get some runs in during the week. 

What will help, and already has started to do so, is my being newly registered for the 2014 Philly Marathon in November! The Philadelphia Marathon was my introduction into endurance running and I'm thrilled to returning to the event this year. I've been struggling to get long, slower runs in for the past several weeks, but have had no problem at all getting in 10-15 milers in at much faster paces than I was previously. I took that as a sign and am running with it...all the way to Philly in November! And the motivation is real! I finally got in a 3 hour (21 miles) run which has been impossible for me to achieve before today; every time I went out for a long run I turned it into something faster and an hour less at least. 

So yes....the struggle has been real and it will probably not ease up any time soon. But at least I have running. Which is good because I don't think as many people would read this blog if it was called "Me and this Teaching Thing"...

So here's to everyone who said your first few months of your first year make you want to _______________ (use your imagination to fill in the blank). You were right. But least I have my running.

Happy RUnning everybody! (The RU is on purpose as my run today took place on Rutgers campus. It was great to be back there!)

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