Food = Energy

Food = Energy

Monday, August 17, 2015

Sharing my weekend

It was a great weekend for so many reasons. Great weekend for running. Great weekend for relaxing with friends. Great weekend for good memories. And if it isn't clear already what takes up the other half of my time that running does was a great weekend of food!

Friday morning's workout was 6 miles with 3 of those as sub-6 miles on the track. That afternoon I met up with a friend of ours, H, to help check out a car dolly. By the time we got back nearly 2 hours later, we were both pretty hungry and decided to grab lunch at a vegan, gluten-free place that Val and I love: A.N.D. Cafe on W Burnside.

Val loves their stuffed waffles and I have to admit, they are pretty much the best waffles in the world...or at least that I've eaten. Anyway, we grubbed on some great food (I had a breakfast burrito--my favorite breakfast item behind pancakes and potatoes) and then went our separate ways afterward. Later that evening we met back up with H and his wife for some roasted potatoes, hard cider, and vegan pizza on a polenta crust (GF--by preference as I do not have an allergy to gluten, but feel better when I minimize gluten and wheat in my diet) which was incredible! Wish I took a picture as it was a different looking pizza, but pizza all the same. Almost. Delicious though, so whatever! After dinner we headed back for some soy lattes and board game fun..Yes. No children. No alcohol. Just adults, snacks, caffeine, and board games. Please try it sometime soon..I promise you will not regret it!

Our go-to game for the past several times has been Settlers of Catan, but Friday night we pre-gamed with a bit of Apples to Apples before busting out the big SoC!

Saturday was a rest day from running as I have a 5-hr morning class and by the time I get home, I'm wiped out! For the first time in a long time, I had to listen to my body and nap, which I did for a little over 2 hours. That was definitely my body telling me that I've been working it a little too hard and not allowing it to recover fully as I usually don't need to nap.

Since moving to Portland, Val and I have met some pretty wonderful people and we've been lucky that many of them chose to befriend us despite us being the youngest of all of the couples! It works though. Well yesterday we all decided to have a potluck brunch and man do I wish I had some pictures. I decided to live in the moment and left my phone far away from me throughout the whole afternoon. The event was something out of a Portlandia episode though that's for sure. We had all kinds of dietary considerations that we had to do our best to work around: vegan, gluten free, soy free, grain free, low sugar, and more. Of course not every dish met all the restrictions or else we'd be left with air and water, but we did our best and it was a blast! Val contributed an incredible roasted brussel sprouts. mushroom, and garlic dish and a mock hotdog recipe with carrots and liquid smoke (some other ingredients as well). Our friend R threw those carrots on the grill and when they were done, they legitimately tasted and smelled just like hot dogs! Comment on this post for the recipe.

I was so glad I ran 19.5 miles before we headed to the potluck...I was able to fit in so much more food and it was some of the most healthy, colorful dishes I've had in a long time. Today's run was a tempo run which is perfect for the day following a long run. Running at a pretty quick pace (tempo runs) while on tired, maybe sore legs (not unusual feelings after a long run) is a great way to simulate the marathon race. After mile 18 or so the legs start to feel much more fatigued and you best be sure you've practiced running on tired legs or else you're going to have a heck of a wall to bust through. The wall isn't just about nutrition and glycogen stores, although that's a big part of it. If you haven't trained for what the marathon does in terms of building up lactic acid (the stuff that makes muscles heavy and tired during workouts), you likely won't see your time-based goals met. I'll dedicate a post this week to workouts that are focused on helping you postpone when lactic acid starts to weigh down your legs like anchors.

That'll be all for today!

Happy Running

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  1. Dude, those were almond milk lattes, not soy. Your blog is incorrect, yet still awesome! Where did you get those pictures of SoC!?