Food = Energy

Food = Energy

Thursday, August 13, 2015

News BLAST! and not-so news

Okay so there has just been so much awesome and not awesome happening lately that I have to make tonight's post a news blast post. Hang on to your seat (or in this case--your...err....mouse? no, probably not...laptop sides? cat? glass of beverage? you get it..)!

28 CHEATS DISCOVERED...from '05 & '07?
That's right. Retroactive tests are a beautiful thing. They can set you free (DNA tests that have resulted in a serious discussion about death row and capital punishment in this country) and they can incriminate you. It is the latter that has happened in this case. Setting: World Outdoor Championships, 2005 and 2007. Sitation: 32 sketchy results of 28 athletes' tests. Only 1 person named so far: Turkey's Abeylegesse. It is highly likely that medals won and placements will be affected retroactively, meaning Kara Goucher will be awarded the Silver medal in the women's 10k the first time an American has won silver in this international 10k event!

Kara Goucher Kara Goucher (in case the bib didn't give it away)

It would also mean that Shalane Flanagan would get the Silver medal in the 10k for the 2008 Olympics! This is because the two years after a positive test fall within the range for results to be changed.

Shalane Flanagan. And yes, I just met her last week!


I check VegNews every morning and was surprised to read a similar headline to mine.  Favorite part about this article: "Ironically, the original goal of the study was to debunk the unhealthy reputation of butter, but the research ended up only confirming current medical opinion." Now the article continues by subtly touting vegan butter's zero cholesterol (vegan products do not have cholesterol in it), but I have to speak the truth here. While you may feel a bit better by grabbing the Earth Balance off the shelf instead of Smart Balance or Land O Lakes, vegan butter has a 100% calories from fat content. Yes. Every single calorie is a fat calorie. While it may not have cholesterol, consuming too many calories from fat increase your chances of building up that artery-clogging substance. 

A group of Swedish grads have just developed one of the most important products (word choice?) of 2015, in my opinion. They're calling it FoPo Food Powder and according to the article, "the non-perishable food source is created by freeze-drying and pulverizing aging fruit into a powder that ships easily, and will keep for two years without refrigeration." 
THANK YOU Swedish brilliance! No, really. The world should thank them! Please read about them!

It's OPEN! And thriving! Amy's vegan-friendly fast food drive-thru is open for business and I cannot wait for Portland to get a location. I know it's going to happen. I'm putting it out there in the universe and I know the universe will respond!

In not-news, training is going well! Had 10 miles today at an moderate/easy pace. I'll continue with the help of more pictures!
Dinner last night. I love potatoes the night before a good run. Beyond being my favorite food, potatoes have worked very well for me in terms of digestion and providing me with an abundance of energy on run/race morning. And the roasted kale was sweet and delicious bonus!

Life of an athletic apartment-hold. Val and I go through coconut water like...well...water. Bought a case of these last night. They are the perfect post-workout beverage. Not a low-sugar beverage though so don't guzzle them all down at once! I wrote a post about coconut water which you can find if you scroll/search my blog. Shouldn't take you long. Oh and yes we can address the circular foods of greatness you see there. Let's just say, when I bought those, there were 5. Sweet treats are definitely our weakness. Good thing Val has coworkers at work who thoroughly enjoy these as a work snack so we don't eat them all!

Pacific Superfood Snacks make some awesome kale chips. I was thrilled to receive this package yesterday, Val was more delighted than I was as they are easily her favorite snack. So many flavors. Had Sriracha today and I was in kale chip heaven! Can you tell I was quite ecstatic? I highly recommend these for a snack. Bonus: They're a tasty way to get your sodium levels back up after a good sweaty workout.

That's all for tonight!

Happy Running!!

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